John 3:22-36 – My Best Friend's Wedding

David Morse has a face you would recognize from his long list of appearances in films and television, but it’s not likely that you would recognize his name.  Morse has seldom had the role of a lead actor, and doesn’t generally want to. He is content to be a highly sought after, very skillful, supporting actor.

John 3:1-21 – Nick at Night

Under cover of darkness, surrounded by the mysteries of the heavens, under ten thousand pinpricks of light that peer through the celestial ink to hint at something more, Nicodemus secretly comes to Jesus.

John 2:13-25 – Jesus Clears the Temple Courts

If you’ve been to other parts of the world, chances are you’ve seen an ancient temple. Although we don’t find them much in North America, temples are common features in most older cultures. From Asian temples like Angkor Wat, to Egyptian temples honoring Isis and Osiris, to Incan temples in the Yucatan, to the classical Greek Acropolis some temples are in use today, but most are just empty relics of days gone by.