Dustin O’Neal


On Leadership:

John 13 is a key passage to my understanding of the role of a leader in Christ Jesus.  It is the passage where Jesus washes His disciples' feet before celebrating Passover with them, and directs his disciples to follow the example he has set as a servant leader.  Christ has tasked me to be a servant to those He places to work alongside me.  It is my goal to see those I work with grow as musicians, as leaders in their own right, and as followers of Christ, and provide any assistance I can for them along the way.

On Worship:

Corporate worship is a balancing act.  I consider it part of my job to constantly keep the goals and motives of myself and my team under the magnifying glass, to make sure that we do not become the center of attention, intentional or not, and that we do not become a hindrance to our church family in praising God.  My desire for our time of worship is that it would be a time of refreshing, a time of challenge, and a time of being in the Lord's presence. In that, the worship team should be as unobtrusive as possible. It is not about us, but He who works through us.  To paraphrase John the Baptist, He must become greater, we must become less.  

It is truly a pleasure and blessing to worship together with my church family, and hear the joyful noise we can make together in praise of our Lord.