Lauren Spain


My name is Lauren Spain and I love missions and missionaries! I have had numerous experiences with short term missions, from weekend projects in Tijuana to living in Romania for a year working with abandoned and at risk children. I believe each Christian is called to be God’s ambassador on earth. As such, I consider it to be our job to represent him positively, as well as to carry out his wishes. We should be intentional about being on mission wherever we are. As a church we are partnering with ministries that have seen where God is at work in the world and are furthering the kingdom. It is not simply our job to support these ministries financially; we need to “get dirty for God” and be actively proclaiming the gospel as well!

I hope that our members will get involved in one or more of the following ways: Praying intentionally, or with focused purpose, for the ministries and missionaries the church supports. Giving financially to a ministry/ministries. Going on a mission trip abroad, or volunteering locally at one of the ministries SVCC partners with. Being a part of the church missions committee. You don’t have to be a gifted evangelist or church planter to be active in spreading the good news. These are just a few ways you and I can join God’s mission.

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