Jeremy Spain


Hi, I am Jeremy Spain, the director of Men’s Ministry at Spring Valley Community Church (SVCC). I believe the purpose of men’s ministry is to empower and enable Christian men for kingdom living in the world. That is why, through various outlets and events, the men of SVCC will be provided with life experiences that will equip and assist them to become mature followers and true image bearers of Jesus Christ. Using Jesus Christ as our ultimate example of a godly life devoted to kingdom values, men will be taught about biblical manhood, equipped for biblical servanthood, encouraged towards Spirit fullness, exhorted to Christ-likeness and Christ-mindedness, and given ample opportunities to experience God’s grace found in the newness of life.

I believe in regular fellowship and the establishment of life-transforming relationships. Fellowship is a time where the building up and sustainment of authentic relationships can flourish, so that we can grow beyond the mere superficiality that so often defines today’s relationships. I believe through these intimate encounters, the men of SVCC will be able to relate more deeply and personally with themselves, others, and God. It is well stated in Scripture and throughout church history that growth in the kingdom life will not happen in isolation. So, as iron sharpens iron, the men’s ministry at SVCC will seek to be a community of brothers (adelphos) committed to one another’s mutual spiritual edification and development as we traverse the spiritual journey this side of heaven. I am committed to making whole and holy men fully dedicated to the Gospel and faithful to the Kingdom of God.