• Singing In The Rain

    Worship songs.

    Singing to the Lord is a well known vehicle for Believers to stay in contact with and build healthy relationships with an Almighty God. It's not a selfish act, but it can be seen as a symbiotic relationship between parent (The Father) and child (us). If we chose to be silent, every rock and stone would cry out to Him who created Heaven and Earth.


  • Judge This?

    If you know anything about me you know that I do not enjoy openly discussing hot button topics. Politics? No thank you. Religious theology? I'll pass. Right verses wrong when two people are taking opposing viewpoints? I'm looking for the door. Now you might think this makes me a person without opinion, or possibly without passion. I can assure you neither of these are true. What I find is that most “discussion” is actually argumentative and confrontational without having the desire to seek truth. I do not find any of this appealing and therefore I rarely chime in when given the chance.

  • Am I Doing This Right?

    My husband and I are raising two wonderful, high spirited, independent, stubborn children. We have many dreams and aspirations for them and their future, but we both understand that their life has to be their own. What is our greatest hope for them you may wonder? That both of them accept Christ as their savior. Because of this, Will and I have done everything we can think of to teach our children about God.

  • Shelves For My Boxes

    Here are some things that I think we can all agree on disliking having to deal with: crisis, conflict, negative life changes, death, illness, and distress. I'm a person that likes to find the good where I can. Call it having a positive attitude, call it hope, call it delusion, but if something good can be found in the bad I feel I have made progress.


  • Control Continued

    Control. You may remember me talking about it before. I have always found control to be comforting. But lack of control? I hate it. So what about the idea of voluntarily giving up control to God? It's extremely difficult for me. However, I have made the choice to do it. It is my act of worship to the God I profess faith in. Giving my control to Him has taught me a lot; most importantly it has taught me that I was never in control in the first place. My control is an illusion. The harder I try to hold on to that illusion, the more it unravels.

  • Control Freak At The Cross

    Hello, my name is Kimberly, and I am a control freak. I have gotten better about it over time, but I still enjoy having control and I still dislike the feeling of being out of control. It's part of who I am, my personality, it's how God made me; but even with all that said, I cannot use that as an excuse to steadfastly hold on to my control at the expense of God's will. It is that balance that I have always had a hard time maintaining.


  • Thomas And I, We Would Hang

    Most of us say we identify with someone or something in the Bible. The hope is that we identify with something GOOD in the Bible. The reality is that there are times when we identify with something of lesser quality. Imagine my surprise when I identified with an apostle from very early on in my walk (as in the very first toe dab into the waters of accepting Christ).

  • We're Working On It

    Most people take their children to Sea World for fun. It is a day planned for adventure, relaxation, bonding, or vacation. The intention is for smiles and laughter. Memories are made, love is expressed, warm fuzzies abound! My next trip to Sea World with my eight year old son, Mason, is planned with the intent to scare him. We are bringing out his intense irrational fear that has come from deep inside with the sole purpose of “working on it”.


    Psalm 121

  • Why Do We Serve?

    You have probably seen them. They are “Those That Serve”. They are always there to help, the first to sign up, the first to raise their hand when a need arises, ready and willing to give selflessly. But why? What makes “them” do that? Is it personality? Desire to be liked? A helpful gene that some people have and others are missing? Does the “why” really matter? Should we always look at service Biblically? So many questions about Christian service.... are there answers?


    Biblical reasons we serve:


    Damascus Road Foundation Perseverance Grace Gentiles aim Envy Oozing Spirituality Fire Knowing God Injustice Savior without Lord Truth Busy The Cost of Discipleship Gossip Reward Depression Spiritual Blindness unforgivable sin tempest Sin Ezekiel Poser letting go Theophany Dependence Breath Prayer wisdom denial Tithes Sanctification relationship with God Spiritual Warfare Jim Eliot Hypocrisy Education Regeneration Gehenna Part 1 stress Authority Sexism Hell Richonomics Fruit fo the Spirit Wise Men fear Emptiness Rest in the Lord Hebrew Names of God Palm Sunday Purpose Storms Atonement Discipleship Santa Parenting through Christ Men Apocalypse Sacrifice Daily Bible Reading Alabaster Jar Exhausted Lent tribulation Bible Study Conflict Patience Satan Serving Simple Complexity wholehearted Adultery Racism Physical Need Pooronomics Wealth Holy Week Seventy Sevens Disciple Fails Unclean Topheth Persecution Advent Weary Social Justice Father's Business Taste and See Compassion trajectory Easter Apology Free Will True Riches Vision Basket outsiders Jairus Interpretation Shame Worry Faith Naughty Cost of Discipleship Joy Traffic Confession Christology exposure Questions Gentleness Understanding Lies Politics Be Prepared The Dukes of Hazzard Daniel Honesty Christ Family Tree Evangelism judging others Faith or Fear Light Assumptions Kindness Empty Tomb Trials Inconvenience Guilty By Reason of Humanity God's Timing Honor Patient Charity Fasting Messages Baptism Christmas suffering Parables victim Hospitality Treasure Restoration Judas Miracles Walk on Water Messiah Victory Love Witness John the Baptist Violence theodicy Holy Spirit Repentance Temptations Bushel Happiness Heart Armor Security Daily Bible Readings Mary Acceptance God's Word Judgment Gifts Lord Signs Greed Applause Liar Self Worth Nobles Predestination unpardonable sin Son of Man Friendship Speaking Worship Purity Lust Christmas Dragon Guests May Great Commission Mercy Scripture Memory Family of God Materialism Habits Goodness Dragon Original Sin Son of God Action Proverbs Tired Moving Mountains Pornography Outcast Trek and Journey Lamp Watch Serving God Wonders Sheperds joyous thoughts Second Coming Temptation Family Anxiety Cross Mary Magdalene Clothing control Poverty Antichrist Soil Restore unto me the joy Free Samples Mission Work Retaliation Rest Holy Love Genealogy Spiritual Need Evangelicalism Presence of God Nice Angel Ready Backbiting Neutrality Apologetics God is in control Gender Doubt Ash Wednesday demons Betrayal Matthew Danger Jerusalem Forgiveness Money Community OK Healing Service Approval Disappointment Provision God the Father Angels Lost Cause Desire Murder Fruit of the Spirit Verdict Morality Judgement Holiness trouble Prophecy living right Childlike Salvation Christmas Eve Not a Fan Revelation Prayer Women's Ministry Blog Eye Narrow Way Trek & Journey Spiritual Support Humility victor Spirit Walkers Lunatic Fornication End Times Desperado Stubborn Word of God Blessings Expectations Obedience Bread Herod Law Giving Love Never Fails Newbigen Take up your cross Ancestry